1000-2421 2012 31 1 16 22 1000-2421(2012)01-0016-07 article 氮脅迫對水稻營養生長期氮代謝及相關基因表達量的影響 Effects of nitrogen deficiency on nitrogen metabolism and expression of genes related during vegetative growth stage of rice 通過對水稻品種日本晴進行0、1 h和1、3、7 d的缺氮脅迫,以及缺氮7 d后,恢復供氮生長2 h和1 d,研究氮素同化相關酶的基因表達及其活性的動態變化情況。結果表明:缺氮脅迫下,根部NH4+、NO3-含量顯著下降。短期缺氮脅迫下,地上部NR1、NR2、NiR2、GS2、Fd-GOGAT、GDH2、GDH3以及根部NR1、NR2、GDH4的表達量均有增加;隨著缺氮脅迫時間延長,上述基因的表達量均大幅下降。缺氮脅迫下,植株GS、Fd-GOGAT、地上部NR和根部NADH-GOGAT的活性下降,地上部NADPH-GDH活性增加,根部NR、GDH活性先增加后下降,地上部NiR活性先下降后增加。植株缺氮7 d后,恢復供氮生長1 d時,NR、NiR、GS、GOGAT、GDH的基因表達量及活性基本趨于恢復正常水平,部分基因表達量有所增加。 Nitrogen is one of essential nutrients for plant growth.Under the N deficiency at different time points,the dynamic changes of the expression of genes and activity of enzymes related to nitrogen assimilation in rice were investigated.The results showed that the concentrations of ammonium and nitrate significantly reduced under the N deficiency.Under the N deficiency for a short time,the expression level of genes including NR1, NR2, NiR2,GS2,Fd-GOGAT,GDH2,GDH3 in the shoots as well as NR1,NR2,GDH4 in the roots were up-regulated,and then their expression level decreased after a long time under the N deficiency.Along with the extension of time under the N deficiency,the GS,Fd-GOGAT activities in whole plants,NR activity in shoots and NADH-GOGAT activity in roots decreased while the NADPH-GDH activity in shoots increased.In roots the activities of NR,GDH increased at first and then decreased,while in shoots the NiR activity was just the opposite.Re-supplied N after 7 days of N deficiency,the transcriptional expression level and enzyme activities of NR,NiR,GS,GOGAT,GDH restored,and expression level of some genes increased as well. 水稻; 氮脅迫; 基因表達; 氮代謝; 營養生長期 rice; nitrogen stress; gene expression; nitrogen metabolism; vegetative growth stage 羅 鳳,盧永恩,楊 猛,練興明 /hznydxzr/article/abstract/20120103