1000-2421 2012 31 1 127 132 1000-2421(2012)01-0127-06 article 草莓采后真菌病害控制研究進展 Advances in controlling of pathogenic fungi infections in post-harvest strawberry 草莓采后極易受病原真菌的侵染,使果實腐爛變質、品質下降,給生產帶來重大的經濟損失。隨著我國草莓種植面積的擴大,草莓采后的防腐保鮮已經成為急需解決的問題。本文從物理途徑、化學途徑、生物途徑等方面對草莓采后真菌病害控制方法的研究進展進行綜述,為有效控制草莓采后真菌病害和延長貨架期提供思路。 Post-harvest strawberries are susceptible to the decay of fruit and deterioration of quality due to pathogenic fungi infections,a main factor leading to economic losses for both growers and retailers.With the increase of strawberries planting in China,it is urgent to effectively reduce post-harvest rots of strawberry fruits.In this review,new management developments for controlling fungal diseases in post-harvest strawberry were summarized in terms of physical,chemical and biological approaches,which can help to extend the on-shelf time of strawberry fruits. 草莓; 真菌病害; 采后; 控制方法 strawberry; fungal diseases; postharvest; control methods 楊書珍,柳麗梅,彭麗桃,周厚成,潘思軼,張麗華 /hznydxzr/article/abstract/20120123