1000-2421 2020 39 6 59 66 article 空氣炸制條件對魚漿豬肉復合凝膠品質的影響 Effect of air frying conditions on the quality of fish paste/pork composite gel 以全魚漿和豬肉為主要原料,制備魚漿豬肉復合凝膠,經空氣炸制復熱后測定其感官品質、質構性能、持水性、水分含量和色度的變化,以優化油炸風味魚漿豬肉復合凝膠的空氣炸制復熱條件。結果表明:魚漿豬肉復合凝膠經空氣炸制后具有金黃的色澤和油炸食品的風味與口感,且水分含量降低,持水性增大;相比之下,較低的空氣炸制溫度(60~130℃)對產品品質影響較小,而提高炸制溫度(160~200℃)后,產品的感官得分和破斷強度顯著增大(P<0.05),當炸制時間≥6 min時,彈性和內聚力明顯高于未炸制樣品的;在炸制過程中硬度和咀嚼度總體呈先上升后下降趨勢,說明長時間炸制會降低產品的質構性能。綜合而言,魚漿豬肉復合凝膠最適的空氣炸制復熱條件是200℃炸制6 min。 In recent years,people prefer convenient and healthy food,the consumption of precooked meat products has increased significantly. Deep-frying is a popular and fast method for reheating food. However,frying would result in some food hazard factors and high oil uptake. It was reported that air frying could give food lower oil content,and the quality similar to frying. However,the effect of air frying on food quality was different from frying for the different heat transfer media. It is necessary to optimize the air frying condition. The aim was to investigate the optimum condition of air frying for the fish paste/pork composite gel with fried flavor. The products were prepared from whole fish paste and pork by air frying. The gel properties were evaluated in terms of textural properties,water holding capacity and moisture content. The sensory quality and chroma were also measured. The results showed that the air-fried samples had the golden color and flavor and taste of fried food. In addition,air frying decreased the moisture content,and increased the water holding capacity. In contrast,air frying at low temperature (60~130℃) hardly influenced the quality of fish paste/pork composite gels,while air frying at high temperature (160~200℃) significantly improved the sensory score and breaking force. When air-frying time was more than 6 min,both springiness and cohesiveness of air-fried gels were obviously higher than unfried samples. The hardness and chewiness of samples increased followed by a decrease with extension of air frying,indicating that long-time frying had a negative influence on the textural properties. In conclusion,air frying at 200℃ for 6 min was the optimum condition for fish paste/pork composite gels with fried flavor. 空氣炸制; 炸制條件; 魚漿; 豬肉; 復合凝膠; 感官品質; 質構性能 air frying; frying condition; fish paste; pork; composite gel; sensory quality; textural properties 武潤琳,劉曼曼,秦瑞珂,熊善柏,劉茹 /hznydxzr/article/abstract/20200609