1000-2421 2020 39 6 187 191 article 千里光石油醚提取物對LPS激活的炎癥反應的抑制效應 Anti-inflammatory effect of petroleum ether extract from Senecio scandens on LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 cells 以千里光石油醚提取物(PEESS)為材料,以脂多糖(LPS)誘導的RAW264.7小鼠單核巨噬細胞為炎癥模型,通過CCK-8法檢測細胞增殖、Griess法檢測一氧化氮(NO)含量、RT-PCR法檢測炎癥相關因子的表達,及Western blot法檢測炎癥關鍵轉錄激活因子的活化,研究PEESS的抗炎作用及可能的分子機制。結果顯示,0~80 μg/mL的PEESS對巨噬細胞增殖無明顯影響,但能顯著抑制LPS誘導的RAW264.7細胞NO的分泌,并呈濃度依賴性;炎癥相關因子基因mRNA表達檢測結果顯示:PEESS能顯著抑制LPS刺激的RAW264.7 細胞炎癥模型中IL-1β及IL-6的表達;同時,PEESS還顯著降低了NF-κB p65及 p44/p22 MAPK蛋白的磷酸化水平。以上結果表明,千里光石油醚提取物對LPS 誘導的RAW264.7 細胞炎癥模型具有較好的抗炎效應,其作用發揮可能與其抑制NF-κB和MAPK信號通路的活化以及NO、IL-1β和IL-6等炎癥介質的分泌有關。 In order to explore the anti-inflammatory effect and its underlying mechanism of Senecio scandens,petroleum ether extract of S. scandens (PEESS) was used to treat the lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced RAW264.7 cell. The cell proliferation was detected by CCK-8,the secretion of NO was detected by Griess method,and the expression of inflammation-associated factors was detected by RT-PCR and Western blot. The results showed that PEESS at 0-80 μg/mL had no significant effect on the proliferation of RAW264.7. However,it significantly inhibited the secretion of NO in LPS induced RAW264.7 cells by a concentration-dependent manner. Besides,the expression of IL-1β and IL-6 was significantly inhibited by PEESS in LPS induced RAW264.7 cells. Meanwhile,PEESS also significantly reduced the expression of p-NF-κB p65 and p-p44/p22 MAPK proteins. In conclusion,the above results indicated that PEESS may participate in the process of anti-inflammatory response by inhibiting the expression of some pro-inflammatory mediators such as NO,IL-1β and IL-6,and the activation of the NF-κB and MAPK signaling pathways. This study lays a foundation for the application of S. scandens in cuing some inflammatory disease of animals. 千里光; 脂多糖; 巨噬細胞; 炎癥反應; RAW264.7細胞; 炎癥介質; 抗炎活性成分; 體外抗炎 Senecio scandens; lipopolysaccharide; macrophage; inflammation reaction; RAW264.7 cells; inflammatory mediators; anti-inflammatory active ingredient; anti-inflammation in vitro 楊卉卉,沈金花,劉慶華,彭勇波 /hznydxzr/article/abstract/20200625